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Don’t take our word for it! If you want to learn more, here are some useful articles about Applied Behaviour Analysis.

10 Myths of Applied Behaviour Analysis  
bSci21 is a blog exploring a wide variety of applications of behavioural science to everyday life.

In Defence Of ABA
Julia’s son is diagnosed with Autism. In her blog, she describes the various ways that ABA has helped and is still helping her son to learn.

Behavioural method is not an attempt to ‘cure’ autism  
Professor Richard Hastings of Warwick University responds to a BBC4 documentary based on an ABA school which aired in 2013, and addresses a number of criticisms and concerns highlighted in the programme.

Early intervention for Autism Spectrum Disorder  
In this seminar, Professor Karola Dillenburger of Queen’s University Belfast outlines how our approach to ABA in the UK differs to that of many other countries (for example, in the US where 44 states require providers to offer ABA therapy), and how it differs from the standard ‘eclectic’ approach available in the UK.

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